JPD Japan offers a car export service for cars directly from Japan. Since 2008 we have been providing high quality cars to happy customers in Denmark and worldwide, the type of cars spends from street legan to highly professional tuned track cars
You will find our export service form, by following this link HERE



What we offer is to work as an agent for you as customer, this means that we will be able to help you sourcing and exporting your next, maybe deam car from Japan, in the easiest and cheapest way – But this dosn’t mean that you wont get the an excelent service or know how – We will provide you the best service and the best quality car that are avaliable for your budget, we will support you all the way from beginning and all the way to your cars next service, that’s means that you will in the whole process have our full professional support. We got the best crew in Japan, with many years knowlage in the auto/export/import industry, and mechanic experience, what gives the best inspections, this gives the best oppetunety to get only the best cars avaliable.
Our main area in Japan is the Kansai/Osaka/Kobe/Nagoya area, but no problem getting cars from Tokyo or any where else in Japan, we got the best connections in nearly all areas and good transport connections – this give you as customer the best chances, when you want to import a car from Japan.

The process when you choose to corporate with JPD Japan as your agent when you want to import your next car from Japan.
If you wish to enter in to an agreement with JPD Japan about sourcing and exporting your next car from Japan, we take as a starting point an initial fee of minimum 50,000 JPY. (depending on what car you are searching)
When we have entered the agreement, we start sourcing a car that meet your requirements, the search will mainly be on the auctions in Japan, but also we are looking around at private sellers and dealers in Japan
The start fee covers the time we use on searching often we spend more time than what is paid for upfront, you as customer wont be charged extra, if we use more time than calculated from the beginning.
If you want to cancel the agreement, this should happen within 14 days after we have recieved the deposit, if you cancel you will get the full deposit refunded – otherwise we reserve the right to retain the amount, because our service is started, and then it is your choice to continue or stop the agreement – if you want to resume the agreement you just contact us and then we continue the work for not extra costs.
Another important thing, is to keep in mind, the time diffrence between europe and Japan, fx. Denmark and Japan is +7-8 hours ahead, that means that decisions about cars have to be reported to us about 3pm danish time or 11pm japanese time, to make sure that we got the chance to get the the cars checked before the auction starts.
It is in some cases possible to get some photos of the car in the morning, before the auction starts – please ask us about this, cause it really depends on where the car is located and how much we are up to that particular day.

2. When the right car is bougth – we are offering a detailed serie of pictures of the car (about 100 detailed photos) and a little “walk around” video with the car idleing so you can hear how the engine sounds, this will be made when the car arrives at the port. (expect this to take abou 1~2 weeks after the car is bougth)
As soon as the car is bougth we will charge the final payment and what it cost to transport the car and the FOB costs.
When the payment are cleared we are ready to book the car for the next ship (There are diffrent lines that call Europe, we will get your car booked to the next vessel, to get it off as fast as possible)

3. The shipping time from Japan to Europe is about 6~8 weeks.

For international customers:
Remember that there will be some costs on your side, port fees and customs fees (TAX, VAT and duty) – please make sure to contact a customs agent, they are able to help you with all of it.

For danish customers:
All cars for Denmark will come in container – that is cause we have had some bad situations with the shipping companies, so we have decided that cars to Denmark are now going by container, the shipping costs for this is included in the TOTAL prices we calculate.
If you want the car to go by RORO, this is 100% on your own risk, and you need to arrange this with us as seperate thing, as standard now is container.
If you choose RORO, the car will arrive in Bremerhaven, Germany, then the VAT and duty should be paid before we can get the car released and it can come over the danish boarder – For our danish customers, our danish company is able to sort that our for you so you just have have to make payment to our danish account.
The car will be delivered at our place in Denmark, where you can collect it right after.

We are able to supply datacertificate for danish customers, that proves that the car meets the requirements for inspeciton and registration in Denmark, please see more HERE.

JPD Japan can not be held responsable for any damages on the car doing the transport from Japan.

Take a look at the collection of cars we have helped other customers with, we would be happy to support you with your next japanese import car – See that cars here on Facebook

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
What is the costs for me to use you as my export/import car agent in Japan?
It deffently depends on the costs of the car in Japan, what we call “car cost”, that’s the price we pay the seller in Japan for the car, but you can see our FOB rates below.

Up to 100,000 JPY 175,000 JPY
Up to 1,000,000 JPY 225,000 JPY
Up to 1,500,000 JPY 275,000 JPY
Up to 2,000,000 JPY 325,000 JPY
Up to 2,500,000 JPY 375,000 JPY
More than 2,500,000 JPY Contact us for a quote

Example of a car purchase:
Car cost: 1,275,000 JPY
Fixed FOB rate: 225,000 JPY

If you are using our auction system, the deposit rates you will find HERE

Q: What does FOB costs means and what does they cover?
FOB = Free On Board – witch meas the required costs for the car before it can go on to the ship.
The FOB includes the follow:
– TAX for purchasing the car, we will pay that, you don’t.
– Auction fee for purchasing the car on auction
– Fixed transport costs from auction house (extra transport costs can be added)
– De-Registraion and export papers
– Customs papers
– Auction member access
– Translations of sales advertisements or auction reports
– Car inspection
– Auction search
– Dealer search
– Postage of documents
– Contact and communication with sellers
– 100+ detailed photos of the car
– High quality (HD) video of the car

Q: What is the transit time from Japan to Europe
The transit time is approx 6~8 weeks from the dispatch date in Japan, It takes a bit longer as we have to wait for the next ship there, but probably a few weeks in the yard. We will do our best to get the cars booked as fast as possible, also we want the the cars to get to you asap.

Q: Is there any insureance in the car while it’s in transit?
A: The car is insured for the amount that the car is declared as to the customs, this insureance is standard, and does only take effect if the car is totally damaged. It is possible to get some extra insureance on the car in Japan, witch will cover alle damages that the car could get in the transit, this insureance is signed with the shipping line, but please contact us for prices, also as importer you are able to signe insureances with your normal insureance company, you have to do this your self but we could be helpfull with all the informations that is needed on the car.

Q: Is it possible to get parts shipped with a car?
No, that is not possible, it is not alowed to have parts in the, that really does’nt belong to the car – but we can arrange shipment for parts by normal post, air or sea, or we can do bigger shipments by pallet or container.

Q: How does the car get shipped, by container?
The car get shipped by RORO (Roll On Roll Off), a ship that looks like one big container, only with cars inside, the car will be sitting with alot of other cars, mostly new cars from the factories in Japan and some used – We also got the oppetunity to ship the car by container if you want, but this option is quite more expensive, please contact us for price if you want it shipped by container.

Q: How does the payment works out?
A: The payment is by bank wire transfer, at the first you are paying our start commission at 50,000yen / 355 EUR / 2.660 DKK, to get the work started, we require this to make sure who we should spend most time at, and what customers have already decided to import a car and have the financial part in place compared to the once that only are looking, of cause we will be there for the once who are not ready to buy, but we have to manage our time correct.
When we have bougth a car, you will be charged for all costs in Japan including the last part of our commission fee.

Q: What about shipping costs, and also what about the things I get carged in my country?
A: For danish customers our danish company are able to do all the paper works and payments, for only 5% amount fee, and then you get one last bill for the rest, shipping costs, handling costs, custom clearance fees, VAT and duty.
For customers in Europe, we can be helpfull with all payments so you have no worries – contact us for more details about what the options are for you.
For other international customers, you have to sort the costs your self, but often the shipping company agent in your country are helpfull with all custom clearance, just ask then when the car arrive (you will be contacted by the agent in your country when they get details about when your car arrives)

Q: Can I use your auction system to look for cars, and send you the details for the car, instead of placing the bids by my self?
A: Yes, ofcause you can, you will need to pay the standard deposit as showed in above on this page – but you can keep an eye your out for a car by your self by using our auction system.