Nissan Skyline TopSecret V32 GT-R 1994

JPD Japan bring you this piece of art – one off icon – the VQ35 powered R32 GT-R.
The car was imported from Japan to Denmark in the summer 2014.

This is a piece of history from Japan, and is a world wide known car – It is build by the TopSecret founder Mr.Nagata “Smoky” back in 2005 – one of his creazy creations.
It was build douring the wait time from 2002 to 2007 where Nissan worked on the new GT-R generation – so this was one of the beauties that came out from the garage in Chiba.

The car has been in the most welknown magazines and been showed off at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2006 and has been photographed by SpeedHunters, JDM Option and many more.
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The the car in the demo section on TopSecret official website:

This car is a true art of work – the BNR32 meets the VQ – The engine is fully custom build and looks like a show car, like the interior with the good looking recaro seats with TopSecret gold stitches and the nicely integrated rollcage – the car also faetures the Aragosta air suspension, witch is also excelent for track use.
When JPD Japan imported it to Denmark in 2014 it came with out it’s stickers, the owner got the stickers it got now produced in the right sizes a bit as it was but also in  new style! but still so you know that this is the one, the VQ35 V32.

This is really one of the most advanced build R32’s that have ever been made – and now you have a chance to get your hands on a collectors car, a real one off – there is no R32’s like this any where else in the world! – and this one is the real deal from TopSecret build by Smoky him self.

Stunning and decent car that will make you smile every time you look at it – it tells you it’s history that it has one it’s soule..

Spec List:
Torque 39.6kw/6300rpm
Original Piston 95.7mm
Nismo Step II Cams
Nismo Valve Spring
Titan Retainer
Original Cam Slide Sprocket
Original 6 Throttle
70mm Funnel
Original Radiator
ARC Oilcooler
Neko AF700
Titan 60-90mm Full Dual Exhaust
7mm Exhaust Manifold Pro
Normal Z33 Mission
ORC 709D Light Weight SPL Clutch
Cusco 2 Way LSD
Top Secret G-Force Aero
Front Bumper
Rear Diffuser
Original Tower Bar Pro
Original Bonnet Damper
Aero Catch
Original Head Light LED
LED Tail Lamp
Belloff 6000KB Stinger Beam
Ganador Carbon Aero Mirrors
Line Lock
Recaro SR-III Top Gun
Original Steering Wheel and Boss
Defi Sports Cluster-03
Original Roll Cage
Top Secret Super Damper Pro
Aragosta Shocks with air compressor
Swift Springs
Front Brembo Brake Calipers
Endless Rotors
Rear Normal Calipers
Endless Rotors
Rays GT-C F 8.0J 17″ +7 R 9.0J 18″ +1
Federal Super Street 595  Rear: 265/35 R18 Front: 245/40 R17

Original offered price by TopSecret back in 2008
FOB 4,250,000 JPY

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