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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]When becoming a user of our auction system you get access to 140 auctions and over 100.000+ cars each week.
You will get:
– Free registration
– Free auction sheet translations
– Free service and buying advices as usual for JPD Japan

Bidding on a car:
To place bids on cars you need to pay a deposit in to you account, you will see that the system will not allow you to place bids until you got minimum 100,000yen in your balance.
To pay deposit you just need to choose what amount you want to insert and then click the “Pay Now” button in the left top corner of the page, this will lead you directly to PayPal check-out where you can choose to pay by credit card or with you PayPal account.

When deposit is paid it can take up to a few hours for the money to be redirected to your account..
If your balance is not changed within 12 hours, please contact us at sales@jpdjapan.com.linux245.unoeuro-server.com – mistakes can happen and we will sort it out immediately.

Placing a bid on a car can only be cancelled the day 12 hours before the auction starts, to make sure we see it – and remember its Japanese time, and auction starts about 9:00am so latest cancellation is 9pm the day before.
After winning a car it can’t be cancelled.

Bidding on more than one car is possible, but we will only buy one for you pr. day if nothing else is arranged with us.

Placing a bid on a car has to be done at least 3 hours before the car comes up – Japanese time and Auction time will show in the system on the auction day.

All time limits are in local Japanese time.

Deposit is fully refundable as up to two weeks after its paid in to the balance, after we will refund it depending on how many cars you have been bidding on or we have checked.
Up to 10 cars we refund you 50% if your deposit.
Over 10 cars we reserve the right to keep the full deposit (maximum 100,000yen) – have you paid-in more than that we will refund the rest to your PayPal account.
When winning a car on the auction the deposit will be deduced to the total amount we charge you – we will deduce the full deposit/balance on your account on a winning car as long as the total amount is more than the balance, if total cost is lower than the balance we will only charge that amount and you will keep the remaining on your balance for next buy or we can refund it to you.

Deposits are as below:
100,000 JPY = enough deposit for cars under 1,000,000yen car cost
200,000 JPY = enough deposit for cars up till 1,500,000yen car cost
300,000 JPY = enough deposit for cars up till 2,500,000yen car cost
Cars over 2,500,000 JPY please contact us.

Translations of auction reports need to be ordered before 10:00pm (Japanese time) the day before the auction – to make sure we are able to send you the translation in time.
Some times we may be too busy and we will not be able to make all translations in time.

Auction sheet description
Grade 5-6 – Brand new to perfect condition (also called mint condition)
Grade 4.5 – Very good condition (also called mint condition)
Grade 4.0 – Pretty good used condition
Grade 3.5 – Fair but used condition
Grade 3 – Average to poorer condition
Grade 2 – Spares/repair
Grade 1 – Often modified vehicle
Grade 0 / 0.1 / 0.2 – Accident repaired (see vehicle report for replaced parts)
Grade R / R A – Accident repaired / with very clean repair – usually by the insurance companies.

A1: Small scratch
A2: Scratch
A3: Big scratch
B1: Little dent
B2: Dent
B3: Bit dent
W1: Small repair mark
W2: Repaired mark (waved)
W3: Not well repaired mark (waved)
C1: Small rust/corrosion
C2: Rust/corrosion
C3: Heavy rust/corrosion
X: Need to be replaced
XX: Replaced part
H: Discoloration
F: Front
R: Rear
T: Temporary (Tire)
W : Double
AC: Air condition
AAC: Auto air condition
WAC: Double air condition
FA: Floor Automatic transmission
CA: Column Automatic transmission
5F: 5 speed Floor manual transmission
5C: 5 speed Column manual transmission
SD: Sedan
HT: Hard top
PS: Power steering
PW: Power window
AW: Aluminum wheel
ST: Stereo
CD: CD player
MD: Mini Disc player
TV: Television
ABS: Anti-lock Brake System
AFC: Air Flow Converter
CPU: Central Processing Unit
EVC: Engine Valve Controller (for boost up)
G bird : Anti-corrosive paint
LSD: Limited Slip Differential
SRS: Air bag
TRC (or TCS): Traction Control System
VICS: Traffic Information Navigator[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]