By doing business as a wholeseller, dealer or trader with JPD Japan Ltd. – all terms and conditions below are accepted – JPD Japan Ltd. reserves the right to make changes our website, prices and in our wholesale plans, also the terms and conditions can be changed at any time by JPD Japan Ltd. with out informing customers, so please check every time before placing an order.


Delivery times can varies depending on the stock and manufacture lead time.
Please check with us, before ordering.

For shipping options we offer:

  • EMS (Express mail service)
  • SAL (Economy air)
  • Surface Sea (Postal sea service)
  • DHL Parcel and Express Air
  • FedEx Parcel and Express Air
  • LCL Container (Shared container)
  • Full Container loads

For stock item we will ship off with in 1~4 days.
Once an order has been sent, a tracking number will be issued via the site under my orders. If the order is returned back to Japan due to an incorrect address given by the customer or no one is in attendance to collect the order upon delivery. All freight costs for the order to be sent back are the responsibility of the customer.
JPD Japan reserves the right to invoice the costs to the customer just after return to Japan, with out any other notice.

Price Matching:

JPD Japan do offer price matching, but specials deals or offers aren’t included, and JPD Japan reserves the right not to offer price matching, also products from overseas (products sold outsite Japan) is not accepted for price matching.
Yahoo auctions, Rakuten and Amazon items aren’t included in the price matching offer.
Please get in touch to make sure if the item you are looking at is included in the price match offer – As wholesale customer JPD Japan will always try to offer you the best price.


When ordering as a wholesale, you are able to cancel your order or item if the order haven’t been proceed yet, so please inform by e-mail as soon as possible about cancellation.
JPD Japan reserves the right to accepting the cancellation if the order is proceed, but please check with us, if cancellation is possible
For items that’s shipped off, its not possible at all to cancel.
If cancellation is accepted, JPD Japan reserves the right to require a cancellation fee of 30% (Thirty percent) of the item amount.

Claims & Returns:

JPD Japan accept exchanges, if wrong parts has been delivered, shipping expenses back to Japan will be held by JPD Japan, also refund of the shipping costs paid when ordering will be issued,  but ONLY if the part number received does not match the order placed within, this has to be informed to JPD Japan within 3 days after confirmed delivery.
Claims due to incorrect selection/ordering of items will not be accepted.

Any returns or exchanges must be requested within 5 days efter the order being received by the customer.
By any change of mind returns are accepted JPD Japan reserves the right to keep a 30% (Thirty percent) restocking fee and shipping expenses to and from the customer should be held by the customer.
Returns or exchanges may not be accepted on ignition systems, computers, electrical units, bulbs, lighting accessories, software, special and custom orders.

No returns or exchanges will be allowed if the item shows signs of use or installing, scratched, damaged, modified, damaged package, missing packagin or damaged instructions.
Wheels which have been mounted, are none returnable. If JPD Japan does not accept a returned item due to the item being defective and/or non-returnable for any reason, the customer must accept to hold all involced expenses the return may have had, JPD Japan reserves the right not to refund any costs in this case.
It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the correct part before ordering and installing a particular part.

In case of a return, it must be clearly marked with return on the packages, otherwise package will be refused.
Please make sure that you enclose a copy of your purchase invoice.

Please contact JPD Japan before returning any parts, we will make the necessary shipping arrangements and guide you through the process.


Wholesale accounts can have credit with JPD Japan, this is not standard.
Normally all parts are prepaid, eigther by PayPal, Bank or WISE – but you can apply for a credit on your account.
JPD Japan reserves the right to reject any credit application, with out any further explanation.


All products sold by Nengun Performance® are only subject to the manufacturers warranty. Manufacturer warranty will not be honored if the customers mishandling, abuse or faulty installation causes the defect. If a product is deemed faulty, The purchaser will pay for all shipping costs. Nengun Performance® will only accept a warranty return if the purchaser supplies a receipt of installment from a licensed automotive engineer. Parts installed by a non licensed automotive engineer will render the warranty claim as void.

Car Export Terms And Conditions

Car Export Cost Brake Down

All prices are in JPY (Japanese Yen)
Here is the expanation of prices and costs
Car cost = The cost of the car on auction/or from the seller
FOB = Free On Board (This means the cost of car including all costs in Japan and including our fee and transport)
Transport Costs = The transport from auction/seller to our workshop or port (Domestic transport)
C&F = Cost And Freight witch means the total costs for the car (the FOB price) and the shipping costs for sending the car from Japan to your country.

Our base fees are as listed below:
0 yen – 999,000 yen

Item Fee
Car cost 0 yen – 999,000 yen
Auction Fee ¥10,000
Transportation from auction to port ¥15,000
Customs clearance / Brokerage fees ¥16,000
Purchasing commission ¥84,000
TOTAL ¥125,000

1,000,000 yen and over*

Item Fee
Car cost 1,000,000 yen and over
Auction Fee ¥10,000
Transportation from auction to port ¥15,000
Customs clearance / Brokerage fees ¥16,000
Purchasing commission ¥84,000
TOTAL ¥125,000 + 12% of car cost over ¥1,000,000

Example for a car over 1,000,000yen*

Item Fee
Car cost 1,500,000 yen
Normal F.O.B charge ¥125,000 + 12% of ¥500,000 (¥60,000)
Total F.O.B Charge ¥185,000

Stock Policy:

At JPD Japan Ltd. we operate as purchasing and export agents for any used car, truck or bus available in Japan. We don’t hold a large stock of vehicles as a rule and use the large quantities of vehicles available for sale at auction in Japan as a pool from which to supply our clients.

This policy has served us well in the past and allows us to be a flexible and fast-moving company which is able to respond to changes in our clients demands on a day to day basis. We believe this the best way to be ​a completely impartial party when describing a car to a client, we don’t own the car, thus we have no bias towards it. If vehicles are in poor condition, or are too expensive for a clients’ requirements then we can leave them at the auction and look for the next suitable vehicle.

On the odd occasion that we see a vehicle that is not available every day, or is below the market value, we will buy it and you will see it advertised here.

We are sometimes asked to advertise vehicles for export from domestic dealers that we know, these vehicles will be inspected by us before we offer them for sale to ensure quality but we will not own them.

Errors or Changes:

Prices can change, and they do change some times in Japan – We reserve the right to change, so please check our rates on a regular basis.
If you already are in the middle of purchasing a car, and the is changes to the fees, we will often hold these, but in some situations if the fees are going up more than our 50% of our fee we reserve the right to pass the extra fees on to you.


All cars sold by JPD Japan for export are on the buyers responsability when they are shipped off.
Also its you as customers responsability that you know the import laws in your country, and you know whats required on your side for import and registration.


We do not accept cancellatons on already purchased cars, only cancellations on deposits, where there is not car yet.
As soon as we buy a car, the rights for cancellation will disapeare.


We accept the following payment methods:
– Wire transfers (bank transfers) in to our japanese bank account – the payment fee for this is 5,000yen
– Transferwise (creditcard, bank transfer or balance) – Some fees, you will be informed when making the payment.
– PayPal (creditcard or balance) the fee for paying by PayPal 5%

We require payment within 5 working/business days of invoice date – by one of the above payment methods.
This means, that the payment has clear in our bank account with in business days. – often that gives you about 1-2 days to set up the payment on your side.


Worldwide shipping is avaliable as long as the country has a port where to recieve RORO ships or containers.
Shipping is booked when we have recieved the money and the paper work is ready for the car, we can proceed the paper work when money has cleared in to our bank.

Shipping by RORO is paid even from Japan side or from your side, when the car arrives.
Container freight is always prepaid from Japan, so we will charge you the costs together with the car or afterwards, depending on destination and freight quote.

Extra bits/parts in cars shipped by RORO is not allowed – so we can’t fit in stuff into the cars, it will forsure be missing when the car arrives, cause they take it out, as its against the regulations.
For some geniune/stock parts for the car its okay, but please check with us before.

If you want to order extra parts for the car, there is a few options:
– We can fit the parts for you before we ship it off by RORO, and in some situations we can fit the factory parts in the car (ONLY cause its factory)
– We can ship the parts to you by Air.
– We can ship the car and parts in a container.

Transport Damage or Claims:

Damages to the car when its in transit will be held by you as customer – as we can’t guarrantee what they are doing on the ships, and its out of our hands. – for expensive cars we do recommend you to check for extra insurence, in that case, just let us know what details you need and we will do our best to support you.
All claims has to go to the shipping company


When purchasing a car in Japan for export, there is no warranty – We reserve the right not to provide warranty after the car has left Japan.
So what happens to the car afterwards has nothing to do with JPD Japan Ltd.

We are ofcause helpfull with all information and we can provide you with spare parts and stuff you might need.

Copyright & Tademark Notice:

JPD Japan’s website is owned and operated by JPD Japan Ltd. / ジェイピーディージャパン合同会社, all materials appearing on this website like images, grapich, logo, design and information is a part of JPD Japan Ltd. / ジェイピーディージャパン合同会社 property.
All Rights Reserved by ジェイピーディージャパン合同会社

Customer data:

All information given to JPD Japan Ltd will not be handed over to third part that has nothing to do with the order – customer data will only be used by JPD Japan Ltd, and only used together with orders, and we only provide your personal details to the shipping agent, so we can export the car to you, your informations wont be used to anything else – If you want your details deleted from our database and system, please contact us – and we will delete your data same day.
See our privacy policy HERE.

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