About JPD Japan

We are your main agent in Japan when it comes to buying cars and parts, and we have more than 15 years’ experience in trade, export and shipping from Japan to all over the world.

Whether it is a single part, or an entire container filled with parts, or either combined with a car, we can be helpful with it all. We are very focused on being flexible, to make things better and easier for our customers, we provide service for both individuals and companies.
We are your all-in one export service company, by JPD Japan you can get all your needs in the car industry from Japan, in one place.
We can support you with everything car related from Japan.

The team behind JPD Japan is truly enthusiasts, which loves everything Japanese and has followed the Japanese car scene for over 20 years.
With people based with in Japan and outside Japan, we are able to give you the best service available and quick response times.

The main thing about JPD Japan is the trust, that we are putting so much effort in to, because you have to trust the company and the people behind that you are dealing with, and this is very important to us, that you feel safe and secure.
With us you can be sure to get the best service possible.


Company name (Kana): ジェイピーディージャパン合同会社
Company name (Romaji): JPD Japan Godo Kaisha
Koubutsusho License No. 641050000727
Corporate No. 1500-03-001736
Registration No. T5150003001736
Business Executives: White Samuel James & Andersen Thomas
Company location Oudahasama 45-1, Uda-shi, Nara-ken, Japan 633-2166
Phone number Not Official
Fax number No Fax
mail address sales@jpdjapan.com
WEB https://www.jpdjapan.com
Business contents ● Secondhand car sale and purchase ● Vehicle inspection, various inspection and maintenance ● New car part sales ● Secondhand car part sales
How to order ● Web  E-Mail ● Whatsapp ● LINE
Payment method for goods price ● Bank transfer ● PayPal ● Transferwise
Brank Details Resona Bank, Kashihara Branch, Account no. 1709258
Currency JPY (Japanese yen)
Protection of personal information Please refer to our privacy policy