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SOLD! BMW 325i E36 Coupe 1994

Location: Japan, Nara
Make: BMW
Model: 325i
Type: E36 Coupe
Year: 1994
Km: 73.000 (Genuine)
Grade: 4/B
Engine: 2.5L 6-cylinder
Transmission: Automatic
Driveline: RWD
Color: Black

SOLD! BMW 540i V8 E34 Sports Package 1994

Location: Japan
Make: BMW
Model: 540i V8 Sports Package
Type: E34 HE40
Year: 1994/10
Km: 60.716 (Genuine)
Grade: 4.5/A
Engine: 4.0L V8 (M60B40)
Transmission: 5 speed Automatic
Driveline: RWD
Color: Granitsilber- metallic (237/7)
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SOLD! Toyota Supra JZA80 RZ-S MT6 1998

Location: Denmark
Make: Toyota
Model: Supra
Type: RZ-S MT6
Year: 1998
Km: 69.000 (Genuine)
Grade: 4/B
Engine: 3.0L TwinTurbo (2JZ-GTE)
Transmission: 6 speed manuel
Driveline: RWD
Color: Quick Silver Metallic (1B9)