Code No. 80310-AT002
Price: ¥272,800

The “ultimate multi-performer” with refined driving comfort and the joy of manipulating it at will, and the depth of its bosom that adapts from circuits to winding roads.

  • By adopting the newly developed damper fluid “SRF” and high-strength spring “LVS” exclusively for HIPERMAX R, we have achieved both high-dimensional driving and ride comfort that overturn the common sense of vehicle height adjustment up to now.
  • By making the front and rear retainer specifications, we were able to minimize the rate change when the spring contracted and suppress the sudden change in behavior.
  • The setting at the circuit was carried out at the Fuji Speedway Racing Course. When driving on the same course, it is recommended to set the damping adjustment dial to 4 steps on the front and 5 steps on the rear.
  • By adopting the latest spec parts, we have achieved a 2 year 40,000 km warranty despite being a sports model.

■ Compatibility/Installation Information

Engine type 2JZ-G(T)E
Model year  93/06 – 02/07
Remarks Cannot be installed on vehicles equipped with REAS (Can be installed by removing the hydraulic system)