We do own
The the website and also we do operate our own website jpdjapan.com and shop.jdpjapan.com
The domain is also owned by us (jpdjapan.com)

JPD Japan Ltd. is strongly committed to your privacy. The policy below outlines our practices and commitment to ensure the responsible use of your information.

Personal Information
We collect personal information via our registration process for the purpose of handling orders placed via the website, this includes name, address and optionally your vehicle details. Registration is only required if you wish to place an order and you can browse the website without providing any personal information without limitation.

We do not collect any credit card information under any circumstances. We utilize Paypal for the processing of credit card and a number of other payment methods. Paypal does not disclose the full credit card information and this information is only used for the processing of your order payment.

Guest Information (non-registered users)
Website usage information is also collected for monitoring the statistics such as visits, website referrals and search engine usage. This data is used in aggregation to watch overall trends and not used for individual tracking. From this information we cannot collect specific details such as name, address or credit card details.

From this information we can determine what are the most popular products and common usage patterns of the website. Using this analysis we can improve the website, products we make available and our order processing.

Email Addresses
Email addresses is collected as part of our registration process. These addresses will only ever be used for communication regarding orders, products or website inquiries and when selected for the distribution of a regular newsletter.

Collected email addresses will not be used for the distribution of unsolicited (known as spam), email and will never be provided to third party as per the following section.

Third Parties
Under no circumstances will your personal or usage information be disclosed to any third party unless otherwise required by law.

Disclosure/Correction of Personal Information
If you want the information we’ve got from you eigther chanced or deleted, then you are free to contact us – ad we will delete your account and details imidiately.
We do not provice any information about any accounts, so if you have changes, please just contact us, and tell us by e-mail what changes you wanna do – we only accept changes on accounts where  the e-mails and names matches the contact person.

If you have any further questions, complaints, concerns or requests please feel free to send us an e-mail at sales@97671066-0f7d-48cc-9ab1-af4c60b4db14.budgethost.se.linux245.unoeuro-server.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Changes of policy
We keeps the right to change our policy with out further notice.
Policyes on this site is effective from the date they are updated.

Last update: 2018-10-11