Advan Racing Full Flat Center Cap

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  • Genuine Yokohama Wheels
  • 10 different optional colours avaliable
  • Effective height inside the cap is about -3mm
  • Cap diameter: φ73; Wheel bore diameter for φ73 φ63; Wheel bore diameter for φ63
  • * Mark: ADVAN Racing RZII / RG-D2 / RS-DF-Progressive- / RZ-F2 / TC-4 / R6 / RS3 / GT BEYOND PCD112 size cap side is φ73, so φ63 cap cannot be installed. In addition, depending on the model of other wheels, there are two types of diameter on the cap side of PCD112, φ63 and φ73. Please check the cap diameter on the wheel side before purchasing.
  • * MARK; The size of φ63 can not be put the ADVAN Racing RZII of PCD112.
  • The cap diameter: φ73; for φ73 in wheel bore φ63; for φ63 in wheel bor
  • Cap interior clearance: about -3mm,
  • Price is listed as pr. cetercap
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Center Bore Size

63mm, 73mm