BLITZ Intercooler Kit SE – CZ4A 4B11 MIVEC

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  • Genuine BLITZ
  • New standards of intercooler kit, “SE (Standard Edition)” appeared.
  • The performance and cost performance while the balance at a high level, realizing a low price.
  • Adopt a full polish processing in aluminum pipe section. (Except for some models and parts)
  • The joint hoses, employing heat-resistant, blue silicone excellent in durability.
  • Piping is less layouts utmost bending, by employing aluminum as the material, realizing a reduction in weight and pressure loss.
  • Complete kit comes with all hardware required for installation.
  • Core size: 284 x 490 x 102mm
  • Core type: Tube type
  • Fin shape: Offset inner fin
  • Core coating: None
  • Pipe preocessing: Polished
  • Side tank processing: Polished
  • Hose band: Stainless steel
  • Couplers: Silicone 3-ply

Even in standard intercooler kit, and it delivers the compare favorably performance to a higher model in the specs surface.
Offset type of inner tube, adopting the outer fins of the louver type. In addition, all the aluminum pipe and the side tank subjected to the polishing process, the pipe joint has been achieved specs, such as to adopt a blue silicon of 3-ply.

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