A premium reclining sport seat finished with high-class faux-suede and featuring an excellent balance between ease of boarding/exiting and holdability.

STRADIA JAPAN is a premium model which uses high-class faux-suede for its seat material. The chic and elegant coloration of high-class black faux-suede fabric with a light gray logo gives it its premium feel.
The main point of the STRADIA JAPAN’s design is its form, with a lowered knee support region to improve ease of boarding/exiting while maintaining holdability. It is a reclining sport seat which uses a full monocoque shell structure for its backrest in order to achieve the same rigidity and holdability as a fixed bucket seat.
Reclining sport seats tend to be heavier, but in the STRADIA JAPAN model which uses a super aramid shell, we have reduced the weight to 12kg by making the basic frame and reclining device out of aluminum.

  • Weight: 12kg
  • Type: LOWMAX
  • Cushion Type: Standard-Cushion
  • Shell material: Black carbon fiber
  • Cover material: High-class suede
  • Cover colors: Black
  • Seat rail type: LR