• Genuine BRIDE
  • System: LOWMAX
  • 30mm larger than standard model
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Cover material: Flame retardant fabric
  • Shell Materials: FRP and Super Aramid (carbon)
  • Avaliable colours: Gradiation version, Black, Red
  • FIA Approved: YES

The LOWMAX system, BRIDE’s patented technology, is also used for the wide model. The seat position and eye point can be lowered, and even those with a large body shape can take the ideal driving position for sports driving.

FIA approved and Conformity to the safety standard
ZIEG IV WIDE conforms to the safety standards of the Japanese Road Transport Vehicle Act (for automobile inspection). In addition, it has also acquired the “FIA8855-1999” standard established by the FIA (International Automobile Federation), so it can be used in international formality races and competitions. It has a high level of safety by having the design and quality for passing to the more severe test.