• Genuine HKS
  • Built in 2.4 inch full color TFT LCD display
  • Basic performance as a boost controller is similar to the EVC6-IR 2.4
  • Easy Operation System to make setting easier than ever
  • Simply dial the navigation switch for setting boost value
  • Up to 4 boost settings can be stored individually
  • EVC HIPER-ENGINE II CPU offers faster contro
  • supports CAN communication
  • Valve unit drives by EVC’s traditional stepping motor

Ultimate boost control performance in EVC series created by new generation HKS CPU “HIPER-ENGINE II”

Display Overview:

  1. Active boost mode
  2. Current boost value
  3. Throttle opening angle
  4. Engine RPM or vehicle speed
  5. Warning value or peak hold value
  6. Navigation switch (select and decide)
  7. Menu button