HKS LA Light Action Clutch – Silvia S15 SR20DE(T) MT6

HKS LA Light Action Clutch – Silvia S15 SR20DE(T) MT6

JPY 162,800

  • Genuine HKS
  • Clutch type: Single disk
  • Method: Push
  • Flywheel weight: 7.2kg (stock flywheel 12.3kg)
  • Clutch capacity: 800Nm (178% compared to stock)
  • Treading force: 221N (170% compared to stock)
  • Bolt On Design (all hardware required is included)
  • Repair parts avaliable
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Silvia (PUSH type) will be added to the LA clutch that includes the clutch disc, cover, and special flywheel. Adopting a newly developed “MG composite disc” that thoroughly suppresses the occurrence of judder, it realizes start operability that is as good as genuine and transmission torque capacity that exceeds that of metal, making it easy to handle and compatible with high output. Both. The adoption of a disc damper prevents the generation of abnormal noise from the mission, and absorbs the impact torque to protect the drive system. It boasts an amazing spec of 317kw (430ps), dynamic friction transmission torque 540N・m (55kgfm), and static friction torque 800N・m (82kgfm). It is suitable.

  • “MG Composite Disc” is a newly developed disc that achieves ideal friction coefficient, heat resistance, and strength by molding a metal material into a fiber shape and knitting it together with glass fiber.
  • It is a characteristic that leads to a very mild when starting normally, but it is a characteristic that connects quickly without slipping when driving on a circuit.
  • By adopting a low inertia disc, the aggression to the synchro is reduced and it corresponds to a quick gear change.
  • The permissible range is the range of engine torque that can be used as long as the clutch is not overheated by an intentional half-clutch.
  • The conditional tolerance is the range where slippage can occur due to rough handling, kickback from the tire, distortion of each part during use, etc.
  • The dynamic friction torque super is the range where slip occurs when meeting at high rpm.
  • The static friction torque is the point at which slip occurs just by stepping on the accelerator while driving.

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