Eliminates Speed Limiter to drive over 180km/h

Most of JDM vehicles are equipped with speed limiter function. With this function, the vehicle’s speed cannot exceed 180km/h. On the other hand, the performance of JDM vehicles is improved; even non-sports models are capable of driving over 180km/h.
HKS SLD can eliminate the factory speed limiter to drive over 180km/h and bring out full performance of the vehicle.

  • For CAN Communication System

Lately, some vehicles are equipped with “CAN Communication System” (*1) to control the vehicle’s speed. This CAN communication system complicates elimination of the speed limiter. However, HKS SLD type III utilizes a new method to control the speed data in CAN communication system and eliminate the speed limiter.

  • No ECU Data Modification

HKS SLD type III does not rewrite the factory ECU data; the speed limiter can be eliminated without modification of the ECU data.

  • Features
  • HKS found the way to pick up the speed signal from other signals transmitted by CAN communication system to eliminate the speed limiter.
  • The original control method of CAN communication system enables the vehicle’s digital speed meter to indicate the speed over 180km/h.
  • The speed limiter can be eliminated even after rewriting the ECU program to connect the unit to the ECU harness.

*1 CAN (Controller Area Network) communication is a high speed, highly reliable, and internationally – standardized network system within a vehicle. It controls the engine, drive-train and meters, etc. Also in addition to the speed data, it controls electric devices. CAN requires only 2 lines to control data. CAN is very popular in Europe and is becoming more popular globally.

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