RAYS VOLK Racing TE37SAGA S-plus 18×8.5J +35 5×114.3 Bronze

JPY 92,400

  • Genuine RAYS
  • Forged 1.ps wheel
  • RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec2
  • Size: 18×9.8J
  • Offset: +35
  • PCD: 5×114.3
  • Color: Bronze (Almite) (BR)
  • Air valves included (Black)
  • Center cap is optional (Please check here)
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The VOLK RACING TE37 which debuted in 1996 has been corresponding to requests with numerous updates. Based on the destiny of the TE37 sports driving, hard customization, and tuning in mass production vehicles, the TE37 has evolved to current “TE37SAGA” with a refreshed design and new mold in 2016. Originally, the TE37 cleared safety standards of JAPAN’s “JWL” and “VIA”, with RAYS original safety standard “JWL+R Spec-2”. Of course, the current TE37 model “TE37SAGA” clears those standards overwhelmingly. After a 5 year interval from TE37SAGA’s debut, variety of things have been changed. For example, the vehicle weight of C segment vehicles has increased in gross weight. The dramatic improvement in horse power, the change in weight distribution and traction due to all wheel drive, and the evolution of high grip tires that accept those factors. Those things are remarkable, and VOLK RACING has judged these factors cannot overlook these vehicle evolutions. From January 2021, RAYS will release the minor updated model the “SAGA S-PLUS”, which has reviewed each part and details to ensure a more safety margin. However, there is no change in the frontal design, and the minor changes will be reflected on the back side of the spoke shape. The gained weight depending on size will increase by approximately 100 to 120g. This is a minor update to achieve a higher safety and security standard for higher rigidity and improved strength.

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