• Genuine TOMEI
  • Material: Titanium
  • Main pipe diameter: Φ80S-Φ70W
  • Sub silencer diamter: Φ120.0
  • Main silencer diameter: Φ152
  • Pipe thickness: 1mm
  • Exit diamter: Φ120.0
  • Exit style: SLANT CUT / DUAL OUT
  • Flange thickness: 8.0 mm
  • Exhaust test levels:
    – Idling: 66.0 db (STD: 61.0 db)
    – 4,650RPM: 105.5 db (STD: 86.0 db)
  • Weight: 10.2kg (STD: 21.0 kg)

Designed not to sacrifice ground clearance on lowered vehicles by the optimized piping layout.
The new design joint flange on the center pipe is narrowing-free design that makes true straight-through 80mm system without any restrictions when combined with the new Ti RACING Mid Y-Pipe!