TRUST GReddy Intercooler Kit Spec-LS TYPE24E 66mm – Supra JZA80 2JZ-GTE

JPY 68,000

Compared to offset the inner fins of the intercooler kit, a lightweight straight hole fin at low pressure loss type.
Yet low cost, achieved a lightweight core excellent cooling performance and high response.

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  • Well balanced cooling and response characteristics are brought to a whole new level.
  • High performance and value for money.
  • The side tanks and aluminium pipes are barrel polished.
  • It uses straight-hole inner fins, which compared to the intercooler kit with offset fins, gives low pressure loss and light weight.
  • Low cost, and excellent cooling, with high response from the lightweight core.
  • Core Type: Type24E
  • Core Size: H284/L600/W66
  • Model: Spec-LS
  • Does not fit together with Active spoiler, must be uninstalled
  • Compatible with None VVT-i and VVT-i engines
  • AIRINX air intake kit is required (TY-M018B – M019)
  • Manuel transmission models only
  • Compatible with O/C kit
  • Balance the cooling performance and response performance at a high level
  • Excellent performance and cost performance
  • Side tanks and aluminum pipe barrel finish

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Weight 11 kg



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