TRUST GReddy Intercooler Kit Spec-R TYPE23F 100mm – Aristo JZS161 2JZ-GTE

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Adopted the “offset inner fin” on the SPEC-R to become a high-power high boost.
Optimize the cooling effect and the pressure loss, it corresponds to a high-level high boost tune.

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  • Focussing on efficient cooling, with minimal charge pressure loss, this product supports high-power and high-boost cars.
  • The side tanks and aluminium piping of the SPEC-R HG are buffed to a mirror finish, whilst the SPEC-R has a barrel polished finish. Also, the core is treated with a CCP coating, improving its corrosion resistance.
  • The SPEC-R uses offset inner fins for high-power and high-boost
  • Pressure loss and cooling efficiency has been optimized, making this product good for high performance high-boost tunes.
  • Core Type: Type23F
  • Core Size: H302/L600/W100
  • Compatible with: Genuine and GReddy Turbine
  • Use for high-tuned car
  • P/S cooler need to be replaced
  • Front bumper requires costomization
  • Oil cooler kit can’t be fitted as normal with this I/C kit
  • Reinforcement bar can require to be customized
  • Emphasize the cooling efficiency to maximize charging efficiency, corresponding to the high-power high boost
  • SPEC-R HG is mirror-finished side tank, the aluminum pipe in buffing, SPEC-R barrel finish. Moreover, subjected to CCP processing core, up corrosion resistance

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