• Genuine TRUST
  • A Surge tank that emphasizes the balance between high power and mid-range torque.
  • Tank Size 4.1L(121% more than factory)
  • Intake pipe: 90㎜ CNC machining cutting)
  • Pipe Size: φ58-45 (taper)
  • Throttle Hose Size: φ100
  • Throttle Size: Size φ90
  • Standard AAC valve, throttle position sensor installable


The wall thickness of the tank is 3 mm, and by further setting a press line, it corresponds to rigidity up, high boost.
As a countermeasure against cracking due to expansion and vibration, the tank is fitted in the base plate, and the weld area is increased by applying a groove process to the base plate. In addition, it has been subjected to alumite treatment that is resistant to scratches and rust.