TRUST GReddy RX Surge Tank – GT-R R35

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  • Genuine TRUST
  • Aluminium Castings, 3-pieces (Center port, left and right tank).
  • Its required to customize piping for changing position of the throttle.
  • Requires 1/8 PT Screw machining on the stock balance tube for installing a blowby union.

The throttle mounting position has been reviewed by flow simulation analysis to distribute between each cylinder equally. Also both the inertia supercharging efficiency and the maximum power were considered. So the tank capacity has designed as bigger 82% than genuine one.
The suction efficiency at the middle range revolution and the response have improved by funnel shape of the intake port. Due to the port diameter extended Dia 58 from Dia 56, the increased air volume at the high revolution can inhaled from the tank effectively.