Although the conventional product was designed that target the Zeroyon such as the main cooling of the intercooler, also of the running of the famous FD3S as cornering machine stages are circuit. V layout KIT has developed thought the power and cooling the circuit traveling to the target total. It has become a layout with an emphasis on the radiator cooling performance to be able to concentrate on the time attack without having to worry about the temperature.

Complete kit, includes:

  • V-Mount intercooler TYPE19F (L400 / H266 / W100 mm)
  • Racing aluminium radiator (R32 GT-R Size) (L631 / H355 / W48 mm)
  • Compression tube
  • Intercooler piping
  • For factory turbos


  • Compatible with oil cooler kit
  • Relocation of the battery is required
  • Electric fan wiring has to be extend (12444001 or 12444002 recommended)
  • The Power Steering cooler requires relocation
  • Not tested on cars with Automatic Transmission
  • For car with VINs in the No.100000 range  the stock A/C pipe (low pressure side) requires bending/modification.