The lubricating and cooling oils are adversely affected by excessive rise in the temperature inside the engine due to sports driving. It may cause performance degradation and cause engine blow. GReddy Oil Cooler has high radiation effect and low pressure loss, and it makes stable oil temperature.

  • This oil cooler has big amount of core which equips offset fin inside of the coer tube. And it helps to enrich the radiation, and at the same time, it prevents the pressure loss.
  • This is the kit which is used for the car which doesn’t have enough clearance near oil filter.
  • This makes the place of oil filter change. And it helps your oil filter replacing work easier.
  • Complete kit with filter relocation
  • Allows you to relocate your oilfilter for easy replacing the filter when maintaining your vehicle.
  • By using TRUST OIL FILTER, the flow of your oil gets even better
  • Car Type : BNR32
  • Engine Type : RB26DETT
  • Year : 89.08〜95.01
  • CODE : 12024413
  • Core Type : NS1310G
  • Thermostat : Built In
  • Core mount position : Inside of Left Fender
  • Element mount position : Side of Right Strut
  • Center Bolt Size : 3/4-16UNF