JPD Japan have been supplying JDM parts since 2007, and was started in Denmark back in 2005 with supplying mainly Honda parts.

JPD Japan is driven by Thomas Andersen, who got some dedicated love for JDM cars and parts – today JPD Japan only specialize in aftermarket and geniue parts directly exported from Japan to our customers.
Also JDM cars is a big part of JPD Japan, since 2007 the customer base for cars has been growing, JPD Japan is wellknown for their highquality cars and their knowlage about export and importing cars mainly to Denmark.

We are operating allover the world, and got customer in many contries.

Highlights for JPD Japan since 2007
2007 – We imported the second Honda Accord US Wagon CF2 in Denmark, these are still a very rare model in Europe.
2008 – We imported the first Toyota Chaser JZX100 and got it registered in Denmark.
2009 – We helped a customer with registration of his Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T.
2009 – We imported and got the first Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S registered in Denmark.
2012 – We imported the first Skyline KGC10 1972 to to Denmark.
2013 – We imported our first R34 GT-R to Denmark and helped the customer to get it registered, as the first R34 GT-R in Denmark.
2014 – We made it possible for Nissan Silvia S14’s to be registered  no matter the year and if it have been registered in another european country.

JPD Japan got deep connection in Japan – we are a part of a company in Japan, but just with a different name for Europe.
JPD Japan ApS registered in Denmark only work as a contact/agent in Europe.
All enquireies are going straigth to Denmark.

Contact details:
JPD Japan
Thomas Andersen
E-mail: sales@jpdjapan.com or by contact form
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JDM.JPDJapan