Company name (Kana): ジェイピーディージャパン合同会社
Company name (Romaji): JPD Japan Godo Kaisha
Koubutsusho License No. 641050000727
Corporate No. 1500-03-001736
Business Executives: White Samuel James & Andersen Thomas
Company location 9-3, Haibaraakanedai 1-Chome, Uda, Nara, Japan 633-0256
Phone number Not official
Fax number No Fax
mail address sales@jpdjapan.com
WEB http://www.jpdjapan.com
Business contents ● Secondhand car sale and purchase ● Vehicle inspection, various inspection and maintenance ● New car part sales ● Secondhand car part sales
How to order ● Web ● E-Mail
Payment method for goods price ● Bank transfer ● PayPal ● Transferwise
Brank Details Resona Bank, Kashihara Branch, Account no. 1709258
Currency JPY (Japanese yen)
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Samuel James White

Name: Samuel James White
Title: Executive Director
Job: Car Sales Manager, Part Sales, Mechanic, Legal Affairs Officer
Dir. Phone:
E-Mail: Contact Mr. White



Thomas Andersen

Name: Thomas Andersen
Title: Executive Director
Job: Part Sales Manager, Car Sales, Web Master, Accounting
Dir. Phone:
E-Mail: Contact Mr. Andersen