Company name:
In Romaji:
JPD Japan Godo Kaisha
Business Executives: White Samuel James
Andersen Thomas
Company location 9-3, Haibaraakanedai 1-Chome, Uda, Nara, Japan 633-0256
Phone number Not official
Fax number No Fax
mail address sales@jpdjapan.com
WEB http://www.jpdjapan.com
Business contents ● Secondhand car sale and purchase ● Vehicle inspection, various inspection and maintenance ● New carpart sales ● Secondhand carpart sales
How to order ● Web ● E-Mail
Payment method for goods price ● Bank transfer ● PayPal ● Transferwise
Brank Details Resona Bank, Kashihara Branch, Account no. 1709258
Currency JPY (Japanese yen)
Protection of personal information Please refer to our privacy policy

1. In regard to selling price notation on WEB, we will invalid if there was human error or tampering by a third party etc.

2. Cancellation due to customer’s circumstances after the commencement of goods arrival by vehicle request and various kinds of tuning for goods will result in cancellation fee according to the progress situation