These terms and conditions HAVE TO BE accepted before the agreement can be made with JPD Japan.
These are intended for all export through JPD Japan.

Auction System:
By accepting our therms and conditons you also have read and accept how the auction works and the rules about it. READ HERE

All our prices are listed in JPY – Prices can vary, please confirm with us the exact price, if you are uncertain.
All cars shown on the website from our partners is listed as approx prices and may change a bit from the actual price.

Deposit/Start-up fee:
After you filled out our export form and agreed our policyes, we will charge you a start-up fee of minimum 50,000yen before the agreement can be made with JPD Japan.*
If you use our auction system, minimum deposit is 100,000 JPY.**
**For auction system deposits please see “car auction guide

JPD Japan is offering a service as an agent for you to purchase cars in Japan.
The service JPD Japan provides:
– TAX for purchasing the car, we will pay that, you don’t.
– Auction fee for purchasing the car on auction
– Fixed transport costs from auction house (extra transport costs can be added)
– De-Registraion and export papers
– Customs papers
– Auction member access
– Translations of sales advertisements or auction reports
– Car inspection
– Auction search
– Dealer search
– Postage of documents
– Contact and communication with sellers
– 100+ detailed photos of the car
– High quality (HD) video of the car

Service for danish customers by JPD Japan ApS
Import service:
– Duty and VAT handling
– Transport from port
– Document handling

You will be charged 5% ex. DK VAT of the total VAT/duty and handling -amount.

JPD Japan is not the importer of the car, that is you as customer – the car will arrive in your name as a private person or a company (The details you provide us with)
Customs and all import fees will be in your name.


JPD Japan ApS is not the exporter or importer, the exporter is our head-company in Japan, you will be provided with all export documents when the car is booked to the ship.
We will handel all the work doing exporting the car from Japan, but what ever it costs, will be passed on to you.

You got 14 days (2 weeks) rights for full return, if you haven’t purchased a car yet, when you have purchased a car there is no longer any cancellation rights, if the car is purchased with in the first 14 days after deposit is paid.
JPD Japan has nothing to do with the car in that way, as it is you as customer that choose the car after information provided by JPD Japan, there is also no warranty on the car before and after it is arrived at with you.
It is important for us to highlight that we got a very high quality standard on cars we sourcing for our customers – this have given us the positive publicity we have today, we only want to get you the best car to fit in your requirements.

Cars that can’t be inspected or if the customer don’t want to pay the extra costs for the inspeciton, often that is dealer cars that are very fare away from our area – These cars by accept from customer bougth with out inspection, and JPD Japan can’t be responsible for any faults or missings on the car – we try to give you the best information provided by seller as possible, but this is always a risk buying a car with our getting it inspected.

Shipping the car from Japan can be done in the following ways.
– RORO (Roll On Roll Off) witch is the most used method and absolutely the lowest prices solution, the car will be driven on to a ship that looks like a big container, where the car will be sitting with thousands of other cars, new and used that are exported from Japan – The shuttle dates for these ships vary, from month to month, normally there is one ship a month (In the end of the moneth) – The transit time for the ship to arrive in Europe is 6-8 weeks +/- depends on where and what time of year, and if there is any delays or problems.
Ships to the US is about 4 weeks in transit.

– Container is also a solution for shipping cars from Japan, in a 20 ft or 40 ft container, we offer to pack the car into the container, and get estimated quotes from the shipping companies. – transit time for this is about 40-60 days, again it depends on alot of things – we have nothing to do with this.

For Denmark, container is standard option, for all cars, unless RORO is special required by you as customer.

Both shipping solutions are directly arranged with the shipping companies in Japan – JPD Japan ApS or the head-company in Japan can’t be held responsable for what ever the shipping company requires or want to be paid, and if there is any delays – we can be helpfull getting it done in the best and easiest way for you. – We are only doing the booking of the car for the port you want.

When the car arrives, you will have to pay shipping costs directly to the shipping company or thougth a shipping/customs agent – that is diffrent from country to country.
For danish customers, JPD Japan ApS are able to assist with all the documents and getting all payment arranged, so it is very easy for you as customer – please see the section with “Service for danish customers by JPD Japan ApS“.

Shipment from UK are handeld by DFDS – witch takes about ~1-2 days for the car to arrive in Denmark.

Damage on the car while it’s under transit from Japan, JPD Japan has no responsability, and you are not able to claim and get paid for any damagede there may be on the car – The car is insured for total loss.
But if you what any extra insurence on the car, we are able to get quotes from the shipping company on these, or you are able to use your own insurence company if you want.

*We offer insurence for damages made on the car while its in transit from Japan.
The rates for the insurence is 5% the value of the car, each – so for example a car that costs 2,500,000 JPY the cosmetic and machanical insurence for this will be 250,000 JPY (125,000yen each insurence)
The insurence will be charged together with the car after purchase.
This insurence is avaliable in two diffrent types, one for cosmetic damage and one for mechanical damage, please choose each one when filling out the export form.

*This insurence is only offered to danish customers. – International customers can have the normal insurence or sign one with their insurence company.
– Modifyed cars may some times be in the catagory for cars that are alowed to be insured, so please check with us – to make sure if the insurence will cover the car you want. – some times there is a self paid part of it if you want to use the insurence.
– Standard cars are always accepted by insurence.

Start deposit is charged when the export agreement is made – if not paid with in 7 days we will cancel it and you have to make a new one and complete a new form.
There is no credit given, and our service does not start before deposit is recieved.

Payments will be made in the following steps:
1. Payment – Deposit when the agreement is made.
2. Payment – When the car is purchased, we will charge you for all FOB (Free On Board) costs in Japan.

For danish customers, we can offer a import service from our danish company JPD Japan ApS – to handle all documents and payments, for a service fee.

Commission/Agent fees:
JPD Japan are charging a fixed fee.
No discount will be made on these, or on any other services, cause the prices are already very competetive.

Payment methode:
Payment can be arranged in the following ways
– Bank/Wire transfer to our danish account (50,00 DKK)
– Directly transfer to Japan (4,000yen)
– PayPal payment (5% fee)

VAT/Duty and customs fees:
JPD Japan or JPD Japan ApS has nothing to do with VAT/duty and other customs or import fees, in Denmark or in any other countries, it is your job to research what you are beeing charged before importing a car or anything else in to you country.
In Denmark JPD Japan ApS can assist danish customers with the documents, payments and so on. – Please see the section with the services provided and the costs.

Your safety:
JPD Japan is build on trust and experience, we have been in to this since 2007 and we guarentee, that you will get the best service and prices on the market, by using JPD Japan.
Your data will only be used for billing and documents related to the car.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.